About Us

Concepts International is a Bespoke Solutions of services and product mix of specialized merchandise of an immense possibility to the advancement of construction projects. We build a reputation for professionalism and reliability. Concepts International is a prominent seller of luxury and high-quality homewares in Oman, offering products developed by world-renowned manufacturers. Whether you're seeking to renovate, repair, or modernize your house, Concepts International has all the solutions you need to transform into your space while maintaining excellent quality and performance.

Our staff works diligently to obtain and present the best in quality and design in order to create magnificent new bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries. When it comes to quality, we expect nothing less than the finest. Our objective is to provide the greatest quality materials while providing the best customer service possible. We curate collections that will inspire you, the homeowner, to create the environment you've always imagined.

An architectural mix of merchandise and services to furnish your home. Interior and exterior ideas, a project from the state of state-of-the-art to cost-effective tailored solutions.


Our brand assortments have acknowledged international <awards and accreditations in quality, and design; Consumer Choice Awards, Sustainability Awards, Golden A' Design Awards, German Design Award, Red Dot Award, Golden Wave Award, and many more.